This project is the result of the need to create from scratch, to experiment and to evolve. HEXbyADR is inspired by mythology, my fascination for symbols and what they represent for all of us as a society.

There are some geometrical shapes found consistently everywhere, manmade, in nature, religion, and architecture.

Dynamic, balanced and mysterious shapes, which study has been extensive and intriguing. The Hexagon is one of them: covered by the mystery of science, the sacred world of religion and it is present in nature as an efficient building element-it is a balanced, yet active shape, it has the dynamics of the circle, but also the stability of the 120 degrees angles that make it modular, structured, and architectonic. Six sides that represent each precept: body, soul, emotion, higher consciousness, instinct and will, opposites that create balance.

The objective of this project is to use, exploit and abuse the Hexagon to bring its potential as a symbol and make it eventually a recognizable contemporary art icon.

Check out the work:




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